On Participation

I believe in this statement, (usually attributed to Alexis de Tocqueville the celebrated French political thinker and historian) that “we get the leaders that we deserve”

There as some within the Muslim community who say that voting in elections is “haram” or forbidden, I do not subscribe to this view. I believe that as citizens we have duty to participate in all elections and to be active members of the communities in which we belong.

I champion community cohesion and spend much of my time in inter-faith dialogue, encouraging people of all faith and non to have conversations and debate. So that we can all get to know and understand each other better.  I believe that by doing this we can find common cause, and develop ways in which we can work together to tackle the social ills that affect us all – from the need to provide food and shelter to the most vulnerable members of our communities, to welcoming Refugees and Asylum seekers into our communities as brothers and sisters in humanity

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