On the Ahmadiya Community

Here is a brief history on this community https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ahmadiyya

In the Quran it is made clear that the last Prophet and Messenger of Allah would be Muhammad.

Therefore, for this community to suggest that their Leader Mirza Gulam Ahmed of Qadiyan to be the Promised Messiah and believe that the Prophet Jesus Christ died and was buried in Kashmir, Pakistan. These beliefs fall outside the settled views of all the recognised authorities of Islam.  They are therefore considered more a cult, then they are as part of the mainstream Muslim community. As a religious scholar it is incumbent on me to make people aware of the knowledge and teachings of Islam and to share these in the spirit of open and honest dialogue.  It is for others to decide the rights and wrongs of particular arguments that are being presented.

Islam protects their right of everyone to practice whatever religion they choose. Or to practice none if they chose to do so. I condemn all acts of violence, terrorism and persecution against anyone because of what they choose to believe.  I was saddened to hear about the recent killing of a member of the Ahamidiyya community in Glasgow, and hope that the perpetrator will face the full force of the law for this atrocity.

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