Peace be Upon You.

Thank You for visiting my blog page.

Over the last few months, as the campaign to become London Mayor has gathered paced, I have been disquieted by the anti Muslim rhetoric that has been coming out of the Zac Goldsmith campaign. This took a particularly nasty turn, when his campaign started to single me out as an “extremist” and “one of the most repellent men in the country”  You can only imagine my shock at this news, and I am grateful to the many journalist who have sort to highlight the inconsistencies in their attack against me ,

It seems that his campaign was attempting to harm and discredit me in order to smear Sadiq Khan MP, by virtue of the fact that I was the Imam at Tooting Islamic Centre, which is based in the same constituency as Mr Khan, and therefore we must have “shared platforms” together. The implication being, that by this association, Mr Khan was also a supporter of “extremism”

I have been accused of saying that women and subservient to men, of being a supporter of terrorism and a “hate preacher”. All of which are untrue. I have started this blog to share what my true opinions are on these matters, and to provide a much wider range of knowledge on the true beliefs of the Religion of Islam.

( Note: I have included links to pages on Wikipedia for those who would like to further explore ideas that I have presented. I acknowledge that this source is not always the best place for accurate information, but I hope that it provides a starting for further research)

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